Welcome to Culinary Routes!

We are a group of friends who have been living and eating out in Berlin for many years. We are no professional food critics, but we love good food and you are welcome to profit from our restaurant experiences we have made over the years.

This blog is for those who’s choice of restaurant does not depend on timeout, lonely planet, tripadvisor or whether it is mentioned in some glamour magazine, but who would rather consult ‘friends’ who live here.

The range goes from Döner Kebab joint to stylish Michelin Star crowned places. Through all districts and in future even some urban hinterland.

Our cost-ranking, one main course and drink: € < 10 Euro // €€ < 30 Euro // €€€ < 50 Euro // €€€€ 50+

And now: Enjoy  –  Yours, Saskia Sánchez!!

P.S.: You’ll find a bit about Spain too, as it is my second home.

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