Landauer – German cuisine in typical ambiance

landauerFar away from the tourist streems lies the ‘Landauer’ a haven for those who like to try the authentic german cuisine of fish, meat and poultry. For example Sylter Matjesfilets (a herring filleted and prepared with salt, vinegar and herbs), Schwäbische Maultaschen (swabian type of ravioli), Käsespätzle (cheeses dumplings), Schnitzel, Schweinemedaillons (pork medaillons) and in winter time Gänsebraten (goose), Entenbrust (duck), Rehkeule (deer)…

Eight beers on tab, a large variety of wines…you might be needing a ‘Schnaps’ to settle your stomach.

Landauer Str. 8 / Wilmersdorf
U4 Rüdesheimer Platz


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