Rogacki – Forget KaDeWe

rogacki-service-thekeThis delicatessen shop looks like a 60s fish and chip shop from far away, but once inside your baffled by the amount of specialities of fish, game, poultry, cheeses, cold cuts… In the back of the shop, in front of the huge lobster, carp and trout basins, the Charlottenburgers meet for their lunch time eating baked fish with potatoe salad, scampis, oysters or grilled meats.  For x-mas the queue to pick up the previously ordered goose, duck or turkey runs through the whole shop, whilst on new year’s eve the fish counter is being invaded. Talking about new years eve: At 14hrs the sale stops, Frank Sinatras ‘New York, New York’ get’s played and some shop assistants dance with the clients, whilst everyone cheers finishing their bottles of champagne. In 2010 they sold 500 lobsters, 2500 Pfannkuchen (a sweet bun filled with marmelade) but keep quiet about the amount of champagne bottles, that were drunk on the premises that morning. Must have been hundreds, but at ‘only’ € 44 for a Moet & Chandon, who would want Prosecco?

Wilmersdorferstr. 145-146 / Charlottenburg
U2 Bismarckstr.

For the coffee afterwards: Café Lisboa


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