Engelbecken – Alpine cuisine

engelbeckenThe Restaurant Engelbecken has had a good reputation for years. It moved from Kreuzberg to Charlottenburg over a decade ago and has been able to convince the critical and with compliments unassertive clientel of the upscale area of Lietzensee to sing a quiet song of praise. Quiet, because they do not want to cause to much of a stir. To loud applause could make it even more difficult to get a seat at their favourite eaterie. In the afternoon the place fills up with people enjoying a good piece of cake, sitting outside on the terrace or underneath the modern pictures painted by the chefcook herself. The bright wooden tables have little decoration as the guests eye needs no divertion once the drinks and food are on the table. The staff is highly professional, all waiters being above 30, which makes a wonderful change to those young morons that you find so often here in Berlin. The food is alpine style, a mixture of austrian, bavarian, italian… with the best ingredients on an ecological basis from farmers in the area. The beer comes from small private breweries and the wine is, of course, ecological too.

In the afternoon you can come for coffee and cake after a good walk around the Lietzensee or if you make it in the evening, check on their recommendation. At this time of year (April-June) we are in full asparagus season and the white, tasty asparagus comes in different variations with potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon or Wiener Schnitzel (one of the specialities of the house). Surely there is something on the menue for everyone, so come and enjoy and – make a reservation in advance.

Engelbecken engelbecken.de
Witzlebenstr. 31 / Charlottenburg
Tel. 0049 30 6502810
U2 Kaiserdamm


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