Godshot – Coffee, coffee, coffee

godshotUnpretentious, cool Berlin style, exactly what you would expect to find here. Really? No, not really, because the guy behind the counter knows what he is talking about when asking him about the differences in the coffees one can choose from. Real knowledge about the products on sale is something I have come to regard highly in this city, which, especially in Prenzlauer Berg, is hard to find. Very often you come across poncy, clumsy, I-should-be-an-actor type of waiter. Not here. The staff knows about the variations their favourite coffee rosting partners have on sale. And even if you are a “latte macchiato” lover and usually drown your couple of grams of coffee in milk, you will taste the difference. I promise.

Godshot godshot.de
Immanuelkirchstr. 32 / Prenzlauer Berg
U2 Senefelder Platz


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