El Borriquito – a must not

elBorriquitoNo, no, no… This place used to be my hangout. You could eat and drink until 5 in the morning, there was always someone playing music at some point, but… it is not my place anymore. If it wasn’t for the spanish/south american waiters, the tacky decor of bullfight posters, donkeys (hence the name of the place), dried peppers and spanish flags and football team emblems, you would think you are at a tourist hang out in a hostal. Not just the clientel has changed, but the food has become inacceptable. Take a look into the kitchen. I don’t see no spanish in there! No señora or señor whose marvellous Paella recipe is known all over town, who know just how thin the layer of flour has to be on the sardines when being deep fried, who would not let a cheese become sweaty and tasteless from standing around in the warm kitchen for too long, who can cut a good jamon serrano so thin that this alone distinguishes it from any chunk of ham. I could carry on an on. There are good spanish restaurants in Berlin, this is not one of them and believe me – I know, avoid this place.

El Borriquito el-borriquito.de
Wielandstr. 6 / Charlottenburg
U/S-Bhf Zoologischer Garten


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