Lavanderia Vecchia – Eating with laundry

lavaThe road is a very busy one in Neukölln, not a cosy place. Home to small businesses, and it looks rather like work in progress, when we walk into the restaurant located in the second backyard. Outside, inside everywhere are clothes on the line. Checkered kitchen towels and white tablecloths, old fashionly embroidered – just as if somebody had just hung them up to dry in an old Lavanderia Vecchia, a laundry. As decor it goes astonishingly well with the restaurants unrendered brick walls and wooden tables (without cloths), who would otherwise look too much of being a workshop. Unconventional as the rooms is the concept of the kitchen: Before sitting down one has to pay for food and drink and that brings on the question: Lunch menue with three courses, or only pasta? We are a bit lost and order just a main course and a drink, only to realise that we would have liked to have a salad as a starter, just as the one looking so appetizingly on the table next to us. So we are back to the cashier, and yet again, when we feel like deserts more water and coffee. This is the only critical comment I have to make as the food tastes exquisite. A crispy salad accompanied with delicious italian white bread and the very best olive oil is followed by Fusilli with spinach, refined with small, crushed nuts, a roasted leg of rabbit with sweet potatoe puree and a discreet tomatoe sauce, that makes a great companion to the meat and vegetables. The sweet finish is ‚Arme Ritter’, a dish usually concocted of stale bread and milk, that comes along with caramelized prunes and tastest so much better than the ingredients suggest. Even the coffee could not be better in an italian bar. The fact that the service isn’t perfect and waiting for cuttlery can take a while, can be overlooked. We would like to come back to the amplier 4-course-dinner that costs € 45 including drinks. At lunchtime the salad, soup or pasta dishes each € 4,90, the menue € 9, with social security beneficiaries receiving free food on some days. Yours Ulrike Wiebrecht

Lavanderia Vecchia
Flughafenstraße 46 / Neukölln
U-Bhf Boddinstrasse / U-Bhf Rathaus Neukölln


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