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Wonderpots Eröffnung 05.August 2011 We just had a boring Chili-bratwurst and chips tasting of cardboard, we needed something sweet. Preferably indoors as it can get quite loud on Friedrichstrasse with the passing trains. Wonderpots has one of three shops close by. Perfect!

Stylish-cosy appearance, board games on the shelves, a motivated bartender and the many different toppings – we were enthusiastic. The classical choice is a medium portion of frozen yoghurt with three toppings for € 4,50. But with all the colourful options it was hard to choose so we go a small portion to try. At some stage we were ready to choose and I took a combination of cold dog (butter biscuits and chocolate), applesauce and Bounty. My friend also opted for cold dog (shows we are both from east Germany…), caramel toffee and raspberry.

To be honest: I was disappointed. The apple sauce with a hint of cinnamon was o.k. but the chocolate tasted old, the bounty peaces had – yet again – a boring cardboard taste and the caramel wasn’t tasty either. And as the toppings are just that, on top, once you have eaten them you are left with a lot of boring frozen joghurt. McDonalds and their McFlurry are much better. Maybe some of the other toppings like Oreo, Brownies, pomegranate or some of the different sauces are better. But we won’t know. We have no intentions of coming back.

Wonderpots wonderpots.de
Georgenstraße, S-Bahnbogen 194 in Mitte
Near S-Bhf. Friedrichstr.


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