Mar y Sol – far away from sea and sunshine

marysol_logo_transparentWell, the location is nice being on Savigny Platz with a large, green terrace. I have been here years ago and had a mediocre fish soup. Another visit stayed in my mind as being a waste of time, but now I am invited and as the place is always packed when I drive past it, I am interested to find out what it will be like third time round . The bottle of wine is cold and comes in a cooler.The glasses are of good quality. That’s about it. The rest is rather frightening. The girl, that is serving us sitting outside on a sticky table, has never been to Spain and hasn’t got much of an idea about the menue. Well, we order the usual tapas each spanish housewife can do blindfolded, out of lack of unusual ones. Braised chicken with garlic (too braised, the meat has fallen of the bone and has to be labouriously picked out), fresh goat cheese with figs in honey oil (there could have been a fig somewhere in the kitchen, but it never met up with the cheese), fresh dates in bacon (dates o.k., but the fat hasn’t dripped of properly and now all is oily) and zucchini risotto (absolutely tasteless). The bread comes as a thin, cheap baguette that tastes as if it has been reheated hours before and alioli (garlic mayonnaise) that is a further impertinence. More a sauce than a mayonnaise and more an error of taste than a delight.
How disappointing. And so many people eat here every night? I don’t understand. Either they have no idea about the real spanish cuisine, or they are tourists and it doesn’t matter if they come back or not.
Which is something I will certainly not do.

Mar y Sol
Savignyplatz Ecke Knesebeckstrasse /Charlottenburg
S-Bhf Savignyplatz


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