Tavernaki – what a pity

The area is not very frequented. Here one hopes the residents will come and that the odd tourist ,who doesn’t find his way to Charlottenburg castle, stops for a meal.

Whoever opens a restaurant here has to have something to offer so people come back on a regular basis. I was full of hope when after a few weeks of emptiness a new gastronomer promised to fill the gap. At long last: A greek! The inner decoration is clearly arranged, not overloaded, a few rustique wooden tables and the tipical greek chairs with braided seats whose legs stick uncomfortably into you after a while. On a shelf along the wall a few delicacies that can also be bought in the near future. So far so good, seems o.k. With the menue comes an ‚ouzo’ as  welcome drink. On the blackboard outside grilled seabass and gilthead, as well as veal liver are being advertised. On the menue one finds another aproximately 100 dishes. Oh dear… if it were all affectionately made starters, wonderfull, but what is on offer is the same already on the menue of greek restaurants in the 70s, including the always favourite grill platter. Well. We are five and begin with the mixed starters hot and cold. The thick coated zucchini and cheese in puff pastry are deep fried and very oily. Underneath are a few big beans in tomatoe sauce with onions. The cold starters are a couple of typical dips like Zatziki, roe salad, puréed sheep cheese, aubergine salad, potatoe purée with garlic. Self made? Maybe the sheep cheese, the rest – we think – comes from the wholesaler. The offered pita bread is reheated and tasteless. As a main course we decide on the two fish variations, the veal liver, a grill platter (for sentimental reasons) and gyros baked with cheese in the oven. The fish is wonderfully grilled, the skin crispy with just the right amount of oil, lemon and parsley. The waiter confuses gilthead and sea bass, but that doesn’t matter. As a side dish comes a bit of vegetable that reminds us of hospital food as it the cauliflower, broccoli and carrot are overcooked and not seasoned. We leave it, same as the side salad with it’s hard green leaves where the stalk hasn’t even been removed,  the few tomatoes, cucumber bits and krautsalad in a rather boring salad sauce. On the grill platter the meat is o.k. assumingly becaused it has been grilled, but the side dishes here, i.e. the rice, are again boring and don’t get eaten. The gyros get’s finished, more due to hunger than to tastiness. Though the veal liver is tasty again.

And now? Shall we in future just eat what is on the daily blackboard? No, we rather change the greek again. A restaurant owner who doesn’t follow the trend that less is more and quality better than quantity, lives in the past.

Tegeler Weg 104/Charlottenburg
U-Bhf Mierendorffplatz


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