Baba Angora – Turkish for the advanced

angora_8726AMy swiss visitor would like to eat out, something meditarranean, nothing asian.

It is Sunday, early afternoon,  many tables are (again?) empty. The interior is genuine and appealing, stone reliefs from ancient temples adorn the walls. The two young waiters wear neat white aprons and do not just seem professional. We look interestingly onto the tables of our neighbours and are very stimulated to try as much as possible.

First we are being served freshly baked ‚blown-up’ bread with sesame seeds on a wooden board, butter with herbs and a crumbly country cheese. Our warm and cold appetizers come on small porcellain plates, arranged and served on a tray. It all looks pretty yummy. We rip of big chunks of the warm bread and dip it into subtle seasoned  joghurt, spinach puree with garlic joghurt and small hazelnut pieces, hot pepper puree with tomatoes and finely chopped onions, humus in delicate olive oil with sesame seeds and roe salad with red onions. The big beans are cooked to the point, the tomato sauce enhancing their taste not covering it, small meatballs, also come in tomatosauce, but a totally different seasoned one, fried eggplant with garlic joghurt, two small crepes with spinach filling, puff pastry with soft cheese…all delicious! As a main course we order pan fried anchovies and a salad for one. The portion is so big, it is more than enough for the two of us. The coat with flower is very thin, the anchovies crispy. The salad comes with a light oil and vinegar dressing. Of course we have eat ones fill, but we don’t feel we have overeaten, because everything that came fried, baked or deep-fried is very salubrious, because not overly battered. I would have liked to take a look at the cook. I am sure he is not overweight, but slender and wiry. Well, next time I shall ask for him. In the not too distant future.

Baba Angora
Schlüterstr. 29 / Charlottenburg
S-Bhf Savignyplatz


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