Frau Bäckerin – please take a seat

Villa OppenheimOur Café discovery lies in second row, a little hidden and wonderfully quiet with views onto a small park. The tables on the terracce are below massive chestnut trees snug and shady. The Café at Villa Oppenheim has been opened since November 2012. Due to preservation orders the owner cannot mount much advertisement, you have to know that it is here and therefore it is still an insider’s tip.

Inside the café’s decor is light wood, the ambiance airy and light, but also cozy. Small flowerpots are used for decoration, tables are numbered by chalk on slate. It looks as if someone is dedicating more care and that is surely the case. The two young girls serving are alert and brisk. On the menue you find what can be expected of a café with this name and besides warm, fresh Panini and Ciabatta, ,an assortment of savory looking cakes other delicacies like lentil salad with apricots, Ricotta-Spinach casserole, quiche, a soup of the day and more. All of course tasty and homemade.

Frau Bäckerin in the Villa Oppenheim
Schloßstrasse 55 / Charlottenburg
U2 Sophie-Charlotte-Platz


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