Vai Mo – simply good food

vaimoI have known the place for years, but haven’t been for quite some time. After half a day in Prenzlauer Berg just the right spot to have an unpretentious meal without chichi.

Aproximately 16-20 people fit into the small space, reservation is a must and those sudden latecomers ‚Via Mo? I’ll come’ might end up without a chair. Tough luck. The menue is a constant change of specialities from upper Italy. As a starter we order olives and pickled vegetables that are being served with freshly baked light and dark bread and a golden olive oil. A good start. For main course we have guinea fowl and vegetables of the season, spaghetti with octopus and green asparagus, tagliatelle with beef ragout. As a desert panna cotta covered with caramelized almonds. I shall not go into describing the taste – the pasta was cooked perfectly, the plates were scraped clean and everything was accompanied by two bottles of very drinkable…

A perfect eventing, where one leaves elated and in great mood to recommend.

Salumeria Enoteca Vai Mó
Danziger Str. 18 / Prenzlauer Berg
U2 Bhf Eberswalder Str.


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