Basim – smile please

Basim„For me the most underestimated Restaurant in the area“, says a commentary in the local newspaper. We are curious and try it out. The decor is reduced to essentials. Light wood for the floor, tables and chairs, the latter with comfortable cushions, the decor: big candles. It is early evening and the candle light warm and welcoming, yet one can see very well what is on the table. Basim Badr, the cook, is obviously not a Berliner and that works very well with the seasonal and regional cuisine on offer, because he gives it a special kick. The menue reads interesting, but I must admit, this time we go for basics. Snails, veal schnitzel, a cheese platter and desert. The snails have been cooked out of the shell in a fine herb stock and have got the right texture, not rubbery and not too cooked – just perfect. The veal schnitzel could not be better if an austrian had fried it. It is wrapped in very thin batter that is still intact and has therefore kept the meat juicy. Accompanied by a potatoe-cucumber salad seasoned with cardamon, astonishingly fitting. The cheese platter is a mixture of hard and soft cheeses, decorated with different mustards and marmelades as well as freshly cut slices of fruit. It looks fantastic and gets eaten down to the last crumb. The desert is a concotion of everything: parfait of pralines, pumpernickel mousse, chocolate tart and maracuja red cabbage with mint. My companion doesn’t even offer me to try, but smiles whimsically and licks the spoon. Any questions?

The menue offers a good variety of wines that can be ordered by the glass, the service is friendly and brisk and at the end of the evening we are being presented with a reasonable bill. Very nice discovery – thank you, local paper!

Restaurant Basim
Immanuelkirchstr. 7 / Prenzlauer Berg
Tram Greifswalder Str.


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