Herz & Niere – A promising start

Herz und NiereThe question „What are we having?“ is being answered by the freshly weds with a shrug of shoulders. „No idea, but it will be good.“ Some think that’s a pretty brave beginning of a wedlock to offer a surprise wedding menue to 20 invitees, but knowing Christoph Hauser, the cook, and Michael Koehler, the sommelier, you don’t need courage, just faith.  I know Christoph from his former place of work where he, amongst other delicious things, baked a wonderful sourdough bread and made me addicted with his fish chowder so viscid it almost held a spoon upright. In his brand new place (opened only recently) the concept is to bring every eadable piece of the animal onto the table, not only the tenderloins. And so we sit at two large tables and eat half of what is on the menue. Fluffy black pudding, without skin, seasoned with apple vinegar and carrot, sausage of veal paté, fluffy too, ham, trout on green bean salad, potatoe and cucumber salad, home made bread with lightly beaten butter and pumpkin oil (homemade by the waitresses styrian mum), beef fillet on potatoe purée with asparagus and rosé coloured sauce hollandaise. As desert chocolate pieces with raspberry sauce, elderberry soup with apricot ice. All accompanied by a perfectly suitable Riesling from Dreissigacker and a rosé Pinkl 11 by the Holzapfel vineyard.

The surprise menue was highly successful! We will be back.

Herz & Niere
Fichtestr. 31
U-Bhf Südstern


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