Kiez Rösterei – for afficionados only

Kiez RoestereiStefan Brachts passion is coffee and in his shop in Kreuzberg you will get a good idea that being a coffee afficionado is a lot more than just being able to make a good brew. Here you can choose between 24 types of coffee and whether you want it filtered, aero pressed, syphoned, served in a  cup, mug, glass.. If you’re not quite sure it’s best to let him advise you. When we were there he took his time to explain the methods and which beans go best for which taste. The result: a coffee out of panamese beans that smelled strongly of chocolate, done in a syphon and served in a glass carafe. A little thin, like tea, but very aromatic. Worth trying.

And by the way: Him and his partner have got great cakes and biscuits, too. Yummy.

Kiez Rösterei
Gneisenaustr. 68 / Kreuzberg
U-Bhf Gneisenaustrasse


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