Postal Code Rally: 10709 – Markt pur

MarktPur2Berlin, so full of great places, sights and of course cafes. If we want to spend a day doing nothing (great hobby!), then it is often in the Lisboa near Karl August Platz or the okace with the nice greek women at Charlottenburg Schlossplatz. Not today, we want to try something new. Away with TripAdvisor and Google Maps, we roll postal codes! Yes, exactly, we have picked out the Berlin postcodes, discarded the outermost and then rolled. At Saskia’s happiness not Marzahn came out but 10709 Halensee, south-west of Adenauerplatz. The mission: find a lovely cafe and maybe research a bit about the area. Well, for the latter Wikipedia did not have much to offer. Two churches, the Schaubühne in a special residential area and a little piece of not-so-nice Ku’damm.


As cafe area we quickly identified the western end of the Westfälische Straße. The Café MetroPolen offers Polish lunchtime and especially a lot of cake. Opposite the bakery Wieslau served from twelve o’clock no more breakfast. As twelve o’clock? Oh, but already … Further east, the Café Credo opens weekdays only. Right next to it: Markt Pur, a gourmet shop with lunch and lots of cheese and sausage. Two seats in the sun waiting outside just for us. We could put together something and enjoyed to Earl Grey and Coffee – fennel salami, ham, goat cheese, camembert, egg and other goodies (at the end less then 25 Euro). The owners, both two more years older, are very pleasant and a regular customer wanted to tell us how often they stop off here and some people get their lunch daily. Very personable, delicious and cozy. Directly opposite is a friendly teashop. We will definitely come back.

Markt Pur


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