Postal Code Rally: 10589 Mierendorffinsel – coffee meer

coffeemeer_FotoThis time we have a home game: 10589 is Saskias (choosen) home. This postal code is clearly delineated – the Mierendorffinsel in Charlottenburg. The entire cultural life here revolves around the Mierendorffplatz. Saturday was also market day. The market is not as big as before. But there is a large vegetable stand, which mainly offers many varieties of potatoes, then the nice cheese saleswoman who gives always small … no, actually spoiled us even very large extras – I wonder if that is a competition with her husband at the Karl-August-Platz which we visit more often … well maybe not.

A solid instance: in addition to the always somewhat messy Tauschbox is right in the middle of the square an old phone booth with solar roof. The Bücherboxx for exchange of reading material is neatly maintained, every Saturday friends of the Boxx meet and look after it (we have even happened to see them). There are cooperations with similar projects in other countries and many contain thematic subjects such as here on environmental / eco / sustainability and so on. This also fits the theme “Sustainable Mierendorff Island 2030” of a local initiative.

We looked at the whole thing from a short distance. Since the Café Carow has currently closed (and is in shadows), we went to “coffee meer”. There is not a big breakfast, but tasty sandwiches, bagels, cakes and of course the usual drinks. The friendly staff and the nice atmosphere knows to please, but thats it. Nothing special, like our last cafe.

coffee meer
Mierendorffplatz 5 / Charlottenburg
U7 / M27 Mierendorffplatz


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