Postal Code Rally: 10589 Mierendorffinsel – coffee meer

This time we have a home game: 10589 is Saskias (choosen) home. This postal code is clearly delineated – the Mierendorffinsel in Charlottenburg. The entire cultural life here revolves around the Mierendorffplatz. Saturday was also market day. The market is not as big as before. But there is a large vegetable stand, which mainly offers many varieties of potatoes, then the nice cheese saleswoman who gives always small … no, actually spoiled us even very large extras – I wonder if that is a competition with her husband at the Karl-August-Platz which we visit more often … well maybe not.

A solid instance: in addition to the always somewhat messy Tauschbox is right in the middle of the square an old phone booth with solar roof. The Bücherboxx for exchange of reading material is neatly maintained, every Saturday friends of the Boxx meet and look after it (we have even happened to see them). There>>   read more / weiterlesen


Postal Code Rally: 10709 – Markt pur

Berlin, so full of great places, sights and of course cafes. If we want to spend a day doing nothing (great hobby!), then it is often in the Lisboa near Karl August Platz or the okace with the nice greek women at Charlottenburg Schlossplatz. Not today, we want to try something new. Away with TripAdvisor and Google Maps, we roll postal codes! Yes, exactly, we have picked out the Berlin postcodes, discarded the outermost and then rolled. At Saskia’s happiness not Marzahn came out but 10709 Halensee, south-west of Adenauerplatz. The mission: find a lovely cafe and maybe research a bit about the area. Well, for the latter Wikipedia did not have much to offer. Two churches, the Schaubühne in a special residential area and a little piece of not-so-nice Ku’damm.

As cafe area we quickly identified the western end of the Westfälische Straße. The Café MetroPolen offers Polish lunchtime and especially a lot of cake. Opposite>>   read more / weiterlesen


Mr. Minsch – a handy handout

The woman and men from Mister Minsch love cake. That is why both their shop windows are full of their masterpieces. I stand outside and choose my piece of desire. Whilst inside new cakes are being created constantly, customers are being served trough a hatch in the door. To go or to divour on one of the few empty seats infront of the shop. Marzipan, fruit, chocolate, eggnog – every piece looks grand, is quite a good size (even for me…) and costs only € 3. At the weekends or when the sun shines you will find people queuing. Get used to it – you will do the same.

News: Mr. Minsch has expanded to inside seating. Now they are armed for atumn and winter.

Mr. Minsch >> Facebook
Yorckstraße 15 / Kreuzberg
U Mehringdamm