Toca Rouge – only if you’re not choosy

Absolutely hyped and completely overrated. The interior is extravangant, o.k., but nothing else. The tables are small, too small should you want to order more than fits on two plates and you wouldn’t be able to see your food as the LED lamps form circles of light big enough for two plates + your drink. The dishes have funny names like Making Sense, Seven Seconds, Mao’s Darling, A Better Tomorrow… We try Pretty Woman, turnip chicken salad in fish-honey sauce, rather boring if it wasn’t for the 3-4 bits of chillie. My brother takes the Spider Beef, roastbeef in hot coriandersauce, which is o.k. The main courses are Long Life, mandarin noodles in too sour sesame-garlic sauce, and Chop Chop, apparently lamb with mince sauce but so finely chopped and covered in mince you cannot get a taste of lamb at all. No guys, this doesn’t work. You won’t be more than a tourist trap. Yours Saskia Sanchez

Toca Rouge
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Hamy Sophie – fast, good – vietnamese

In Kreuzberg this little vietnamese restaurant near Hasenheide has been on the top list for a few years. Their outlet in Charlottenburg is pretty new and not yet a favourite for everyone, but this is only a matter of time. The food is always fresh, looks and tastes delicious and is prepared quickly, served by charming staff. You can choose from two main dishes every day, plus a variety of soups and starters in the menue. So if you haven’t got much time, but want to eat well this is the place to go.

Hamy Sophie
Wilmersdorfer Str. 41 / Charlottenburg
U-Bhf Bismarckstrasse

Hamy Sophie
Hasenheide 10 / Kreuzberg
U-Bhf Hermannplatz


Tim Raue – stargazing

His credentials sound promising, his website inviting, the address suspicious… What on earth does a star crowned restaurant do here? Anyway, we will go. The interior is unostentatious, though chic. On the wall a fotograph of garbage bags. Irritating to many, but I like it. It is unexpected and that’s what we were hoping for. The chef himself is young, roundish (but loosing weight he says) and due to his tantalizing depiction of what we are about to eat, our mouths begin to water. I shan’t explain what we had, no use, his menue changes too frequently, but I tell you this much: It was worth every penny spend! If you are prepared to fork out some cash on exquisite asian fusion cuisine with unsuspected combinations, beautifully arranged, perfectly seasoned and great service – don’t forget to make a reservation!

Tim Raue
Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 26 / Kreuzberg
U-Bhf Kochstrasse


Yumcha Heroes – Dim Sum galore

Trendy, hip, cool and extremely delicious! The three of us ordered half the menue as we were starving. Service was quick, unpretentious. The food was nicely arranged, looked very appetizing, smelled wonderful and the ingredients were very well composed. We ate everything, including the decoration, astonishingly looked upon by our table neighbours, who could not believe we could eat that much. But we could and it felt good and we would do it again, any time.

Yumcha Heroes
Weinbergsweg 8 / Prenzlauer Berg
U-Bhf Rosenthaler Platz


Sasaya – Sushi galore

It became famous for it’s great variety of Sushi and has now amplified it’s menue to grilled fish specialities. You can sit in typical japanese manner on the floor, or at low tables. Depending on the amount of warm sake you might drink, the latter might be more advisable. By the way, if you come early don’t expect to be able to sit all night over you’re last bit of sushi. Early come early go, as tables are booked several times a night.

Lychener Str. 50 / Prenzlauer Berg
U2 Eberswalder Str. / Tram M1 + M10

For afterwards: Beckett’s Head