Postal Code Rally: 10589 Mierendorffinsel – coffee meer

This time we have a home game: 10589 is Saskias (choosen) home. This postal code is clearly delineated – the Mierendorffinsel in Charlottenburg. The entire cultural life here revolves around the Mierendorffplatz. Saturday was also market day. The market is not as big as before. But there is a large vegetable stand, which mainly offers many varieties of potatoes, then the nice cheese saleswoman who gives always small … no, actually spoiled us even very large extras – I wonder if that is a competition with her husband at the Karl-August-Platz which we visit more often … well maybe not.

A solid instance: in addition to the always somewhat messy Tauschbox is right in the middle of the square an old phone booth with solar roof. The Bücherboxx for exchange of reading material is neatly maintained, every Saturday friends of the Boxx meet and look after it (we have even happened to see them). There>>   read more / weiterlesen


Kiez Rösterei – for afficionados only

Stefan Brachts passion is coffee and in his shop in Kreuzberg you will get a good idea that being a coffee afficionado is a lot more than just being able to make a good brew. Here you can choose between 24 types of coffee and whether you want it filtered, aero pressed, syphoned, served in a  cup, mug, glass.. If you’re not quite sure it’s best to let him advise you. When we were there he took his time to explain the methods and which beans go best for which taste. The result: a coffee out of panamese beans that smelled strongly of chocolate, done in a syphon and served in a glass carafe. A little thin, like tea, but very aromatic. Worth trying.

And by the way: Him and his partner have got great cakes and biscuits, too. Yummy.

Kiez Rösterei
Gneisenaustr. 68 / Kreuzberg
U-Bhf Gneisenaustrasse


Frau Bäckerin – please take a seat

Our Café discovery lies in second row, a little hidden and wonderfully quiet with views onto a small park. The tables on the terracce are below massive chestnut trees snug and shady. The Café at Villa Oppenheim has been opened since November 2012. Due to preservation orders the owner cannot mount much advertisement, you have to know that it is here and therefore it is still an insider’s tip.

Inside the café’s decor is light wood, the ambiance airy and light, but also cozy. Small flowerpots are used for decoration, tables are numbered by chalk on slate. It looks as if someone is dedicating more care and that is surely the case. The two young girls serving are alert and brisk. On the menue you find what can be expected of a café with this name and besides warm, fresh Panini and Ciabatta, ,an assortment of savory looking cakes other delicacies like lentil salad with apricots, Ricotta-Spinach casserole, quiche, a soup of the day and more. All of course tasty and homemade.

>>   read more / weiterlesen


Mr. Minsch – a handy handout

The woman and men from Mister Minsch love cake. That is why both their shop windows are full of their masterpieces. I stand outside and choose my piece of desire. Whilst inside new cakes are being created constantly, customers are being served trough a hatch in the door. To go or to divour on one of the few empty seats infront of the shop. Marzipan, fruit, chocolate, eggnog – every piece looks grand, is quite a good size (even for me…) and costs only € 3. At the weekends or when the sun shines you will find people queuing. Get used to it – you will do the same.

News: Mr. Minsch has expanded to inside seating. Now they are armed for atumn and winter.

Mr. Minsch >> Facebook
Yorckstraße 15 / Kreuzberg
U Mehringdamm


Spreegold – fresh and filling

The Bötzow area is quite hip and offers so many cafés and restaurants, that one can get lost and won’t know which one to choose. Choose Spreegold, go on! You won’t regret it. When entering you look straight at the counter filled with delicate sandwiches and cakes. Next comes the open kitchen where every dish is prepared on the spot. The menue offers a great variety of sandwiches, pasta, soups, salads, fresh fruit juices, a fine array of teas and coffee and some wines. It is early afternoon and whilst we wait for our food we enjoy tea and homemade lemonade. The plates are nicely decorated, the food looks very appetizing and the portions are quite large. The lemon black pepper sandwich is devoured the quickest, the pasta with oven veggies and chicken pieces take longer, so does the chicken soup who comes with so many noodles and vegetables, I need to take a fork as well as a spoon to eat it. Berries are the decoration of the vanilla pudding and the fresh croissant>>   read more / weiterlesen


Lavanderia Vecchia – Eating with laundry

The road is a very busy one in Neukölln, not a cosy place. Home to small businesses, and it looks rather like work in progress, when we walk into the restaurant located in the second backyard. Outside, inside everywhere are clothes on the line. Checkered kitchen towels and white tablecloths, old fashionly embroidered – just as if somebody had just hung them up to dry in an old Lavanderia Vecchia, a laundry. As decor it goes astonishingly well with the restaurants unrendered brick walls and wooden tables (without cloths), who would otherwise look too much of being a workshop. Unconventional as the rooms is the concept of the kitchen: Before sitting down one has to pay for food and drink and that brings on the question: Lunch menue with three courses, or only pasta? We are a bit lost and order just a main course and a drink, only to realise that we would have liked to have a salad as a starter, just as the one looking so appetizingly on the table next to us. So we are back>>   read more / weiterlesen


Taverna Ousies – Καλωσόρισμα

Have you been to Greece? Then you will know what this is all about. Do you want to go to Greece? No? Don’t let the political difficulties hinder you, go! It’s a great place with warmhearted people and great food. In the 60s and 70s a new way of socialising became popular here. Friends getting together for an ouzo or a glass of wine accompanied these by something small to eat, a meze. Today meze are famous all over Greece. Severall small dishes will end up being a whole meal and here at Ousies you can choose from a staggering 119 different ones: Vegetarian, fish, meat, cooked, fried, grilled, steamed, raw… To go with the food they offer a small range of good greek wines. I love the choriatiki (greek salad), saganaki (fried cheese), spanakokeftedes (spinachomelett), kolokithokeftedes (zucchiniballs)… and much more.

The atmosphere of the Ousies is authentic, that of a greek tavern including the noise level.

You should reserve a table and I recommend a window>>   read more / weiterlesen


Hamy Sophie – fast, good – vietnamese

In Kreuzberg this little vietnamese restaurant near Hasenheide has been on the top list for a few years. Their outlet in Charlottenburg is pretty new and not yet a favourite for everyone, but this is only a matter of time. The food is always fresh, looks and tastes delicious and is prepared quickly, served by charming staff. You can choose from two main dishes every day, plus a variety of soups and starters in the menue. So if you haven’t got much time, but want to eat well this is the place to go.

Hamy Sophie
Wilmersdorfer Str. 41 / Charlottenburg
U-Bhf Bismarckstrasse

Hamy Sophie
Hasenheide 10 / Kreuzberg
U-Bhf Hermannplatz


Bar Raval – Barcelona goes Berlin

Finding a good tapas bar is difficult in Berlin, but at the Raval you won’t get disappointed. The menue ranges from all time favourites like patatas bravas, pimientos de padron, tortilla española to own creations like tataki from iberico pork, avocado-tomato-mushroom salad and many more that vary depending on the season.

For the big Paella feast the time does not vary: Every first Monday of the month. Along with good eating goes good drinking. Wines and cavas from all regions are on the menue. This trendy, chic Bar has got the matching clientel so dress up for the occasion.

Bar Raval
Lübbener Str. 1 / Kreuzberg
U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof


Haifisch Bar – a Kreuzberg classic

Be daring – you won’t see anything from the outside and that is the point. Undetected drinking of cocktails in a ‘laisser faire’ atmosphere. The staff is friendly, the drinks are o.k., the prices too and smoking is allowed – what more can you ask for if you want to do nothing but another drink.

Haifisch Bar
Arndtstr. 25 / Kreuzberg
U 7 Mehringdamm/Gneisenaustrasse

For the base before the drinking: Restaurant Grünfisch