Postal Code Rally: 10709 – Markt pur

Berlin, so full of great places, sights and of course cafes. If we want to spend a day doing nothing (great hobby!), then it is often in the Lisboa near Karl August Platz or the okace with the nice greek women at Charlottenburg Schlossplatz. Not today, we want to try something new. Away with TripAdvisor and Google Maps, we roll postal codes! Yes, exactly, we have picked out the Berlin postcodes, discarded the outermost and then rolled. At Saskia’s happiness not Marzahn came out but 10709 Halensee, south-west of Adenauerplatz. The mission: find a lovely cafe and maybe research a bit about the area. Well, for the latter Wikipedia did not have much to offer. Two churches, the Schaubühne in a special residential area and a little piece of not-so-nice Ku’damm.

As cafe area we quickly identified the western end of the Westfälische Straße. The Café MetroPolen offers Polish lunchtime and especially a lot of cake. Opposite>>   read more / weiterlesen


Herz & Niere – A promising start

The question „What are we having?“ is being answered by the freshly weds with a shrug of shoulders. „No idea, but it will be good.“ Some think that’s a pretty brave beginning of a wedlock to offer a surprise wedding menue to 20 invitees, but knowing Christoph Hauser, the cook, and Michael Koehler, the sommelier, you don’t need courage, just faith.  I know Christoph from his former place of work where he, amongst other delicious things, baked a wonderful sourdough bread and made me addicted with his fish chowder so viscid it almost held a spoon upright. In his brand new place (opened only recently) the concept is to bring every eadable piece of the animal onto the table, not only the tenderloins. And so we sit at two large tables and eat half of what is on the menue. Fluffy black pudding, without skin, seasoned with apple vinegar and carrot, sausage of veal paté, fluffy too, ham, trout on green bean salad, potatoe and cucumber salad, home made bread with lightly>>   read more / weiterlesen


Renger-Patzsch – True austrian charme

A large room, dark wood, black & white pictures of fields of hops, rows of grapes… The waiters smiling, friendly with their dark aprons looking very professional and fitting perfectly into the ambiance. It is a couple of days before x-mas and the Renger-Patzsch is bursting at the seams, but as the ceiling is very high one doesn’t have the feeling they are in need of space. The clientel consists of men in dark suits, this evidently being a place for bank clerks having their office x-mas dos. We are also a large group and are being perfectly taken care off, even though every one is extremely busy. The waiting time between the courses is very long, but the restaurant filled up in a short period of time, and as our glasses are regulary refilled with a dry, barrique matured Montalcino from Tuscany or a flowery, fresh white burgundy from Baden we manage the waiting time very well. The food itself is a balanced mixture of different aromas, appetizingly arranged in reasonable>>   read more / weiterlesen


Osteria Sippy – first try

I’ll make it short: It is a World Cup night and Italy has just lost against Cosa Rica. Not exactly the right day to try out an italian, but our friends raved about the place and told us there would be live music on a friday night. Not tonight, all attention is drawn to a beamer showing the football. The waiters are unattentive, the kitchen also a bit under the weather. Well, we will have to come back again as our first time here has not been convincing. The appetisers are o.k., but nothing special, my halibut is not being served as a filet but cut into slices and therfore comes full of bones, to soft and annoying to eat, the really big veal cutlet is still so raw our knives can hardly cut it…

Anyway, we’ll try again after the world cup.

Osteria Sippy
Sanderstr. 10 a /Neukölln
U-Bhf Schönleinstrasse


Basim – smile please

„For me the most underestimated Restaurant in the area“, says a commentary in the local newspaper. We are curious and try it out. The decor is reduced to essentials. Light wood for the floor, tables and chairs, the latter with comfortable cushions, the decor: big candles. It is early evening and the candle light warm and welcoming, yet one can see very well what is on the table. Basim Badr, the cook, is obviously not a Berliner and that works very well with the seasonal and regional cuisine on offer, because he gives it a special kick. The menue reads interesting, but I must admit, this time we go for basics. Snails, veal schnitzel, a cheese platter and desert. The snails have been cooked out of the shell in a fine herb stock and have got the right texture, not rubbery and not too cooked – just perfect. The veal schnitzel could not be better if an austrian had fried it. It is wrapped in very thin batter that is still intact and has therefore kept the meat juicy. Accompanied>>   read more / weiterlesen


Vai Mo – simply good food

I have known the place for years, but haven’t been for quite some time. After half a day in Prenzlauer Berg just the right spot to have an unpretentious meal without chichi.

Aproximately 16-20 people fit into the small space, reservation is a must and those sudden latecomers ‚Via Mo? I’ll come’ might end up without a chair. Tough luck. The menue is a constant change of specialities from upper Italy. As a starter we order olives and pickled vegetables that are being served with freshly baked light and dark bread and a golden olive oil. A good start. For main course we have guinea fowl and vegetables of the season, spaghetti with octopus and green asparagus, tagliatelle with beef ragout. As a desert panna cotta covered with caramelized almonds. I shall not go into describing the taste – the pasta was cooked perfectly, the plates were scraped clean and everything was accompanied by two bottles of very drinkable…

A perfect eventing, where one leaves elated and in>>   read more / weiterlesen


Baba Angora – Turkish for the advanced

My swiss visitor would like to eat out, something meditarranean, nothing asian.

It is Sunday, early afternoon,  many tables are (again?) empty. The interior is genuine and appealing, stone reliefs from ancient temples adorn the walls. The two young waiters wear neat white aprons and do not just seem professional. We look interestingly onto the tables of our neighbours and are very stimulated to try as much as possible.

First we are being served freshly baked ‚blown-up’ bread with sesame seeds on a wooden board, butter with herbs and a crumbly country cheese. Our warm and cold appetizers come on small porcellain plates, arranged and served on a tray. It all looks pretty yummy. We rip of big chunks of the warm bread and dip it into subtle seasoned  joghurt, spinach puree with garlic joghurt and small hazelnut pieces, hot pepper puree with tomatoes and finely chopped onions, humus in delicate olive oil with sesame seeds and roe salad with red onions. The big beans are cooked>>   read more / weiterlesen


Mariona – the catalans are the best

Excellent!! That doesn’t say much but it says it all.

The place is small, inconspicuous and always packed. The menue is straightforward and changes every day. Josep, owner and cook, brings only those ingredients on the table he finds worthy enough when he does his daily shopping at the market.  A dozen or so appetizers, a few main courses and two, three desserts are being created each day. The cooks can run riot with their creativity and it doesn’t take more dishes to convince the customer of the greatness of catalan cuisine. The drinks menu is manageable, but the few wines chosen well. The waiters are knowleadgeable (hooray!),  attentive and brisk. We are here once again in a larger group and to save us from the difficulty of choosing what to eat, we order all of todays 14 starters for all of us to try.

To start of with we have a cava, olives and some homemade bread with seasalt and then, one after the other we receive: Rabbit-clam-stew, tuna-carpaccio on salad, ox cheeks>>   read more / weiterlesen


Tavernaki – what a pity

The area is not very frequented. Here one hopes the residents will come and that the odd tourist ,who doesn’t find his way to Charlottenburg castle, stops for a meal.

Whoever opens a restaurant here has to have something to offer so people come back on a regular basis. I was full of hope when after a few weeks of emptiness a new gastronomer promised to fill the gap. At long last: A greek! The inner decoration is clearly arranged, not overloaded, a few rustique wooden tables and the tipical greek chairs with braided seats whose legs stick uncomfortably into you after a while. On a shelf along the wall a few delicacies that can also be bought in the near future. So far so good, seems o.k. With the menue comes an ‚ouzo’ as  welcome drink. On the blackboard outside grilled seabass and gilthead, as well as veal liver are being advertised. On the menue one finds another aproximately 100 dishes. Oh dear… if it were all affectionately made starters, wonderfull, but what>>   read more / weiterlesen


Mar y Sol – far away from sea and sunshine

Well, the location is nice being on Savigny Platz with a large, green terrace. I have been here years ago and had a mediocre fish soup. Another visit stayed in my mind as being a waste of time, but now I am invited and as the place is always packed when I drive past it, I am interested to find out what it will be like third time round . The bottle of wine is cold and comes in a cooler.The glasses are of good quality. That’s about it. The rest is rather frightening. The girl, that is serving us sitting outside on a sticky table, has never been to Spain and hasn’t got much of an idea about the menue. Well, we order the usual tapas each spanish housewife can do blindfolded, out of lack of unusual ones. Braised chicken with garlic (too braised, the meat has fallen of the bone and has to be labouriously picked out), fresh goat cheese with figs in honey oil (there could have been a fig somewhere in the kitchen, but it never met up with the cheese), fresh dates in bacon (dates>>   read more / weiterlesen