Taverna Ousies – Καλωσόρισμα

Have you been to Greece? Then you will know what this is all about. Do you want to go to Greece? No? Don’t let the political difficulties hinder you, go! It’s a great place with warmhearted people and great food. In the 60s and 70s a new way of socialising became popular here. Friends getting together for an ouzo or a glass of wine accompanied these by something small to eat, a meze. Today meze are famous all over Greece. Severall small dishes will end up being a whole meal and here at Ousies you can choose from a staggering 119 different ones: Vegetarian, fish, meat, cooked, fried, grilled, steamed, raw… To go with the food they offer a small range of good greek wines. I love the choriatiki (greek salad), saganaki (fried cheese), spanakokeftedes (spinachomelett), kolokithokeftedes (zucchiniballs)… and much more.

The atmosphere of the Ousies is authentic, that of a greek tavern including the noise level.

You should reserve a table and I recommend a window>>   read more / weiterlesen


Bar Raval – Barcelona goes Berlin

Finding a good tapas bar is difficult in Berlin, but at the Raval you won’t get disappointed. The menue ranges from all time favourites like patatas bravas, pimientos de padron, tortilla española to own creations like tataki from iberico pork, avocado-tomato-mushroom salad and many more that vary depending on the season.

For the big Paella feast the time does not vary: Every first Monday of the month. Along with good eating goes good drinking. Wines and cavas from all regions are on the menue. This trendy, chic Bar has got the matching clientel so dress up for the occasion.

Bar Raval barraval.de
Lübbener Str. 1 / Kreuzberg
U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof


Haifisch Bar – a Kreuzberg classic

Be daring – you won’t see anything from the outside and that is the point. Undetected drinking of cocktails in a ‘laisser faire’ atmosphere. The staff is friendly, the drinks are o.k., the prices too and smoking is allowed – what more can you ask for if you want to do nothing but another drink.

Haifisch Bar haifischbar-berlin.de
Arndtstr. 25 / Kreuzberg
U 7 Mehringdamm/Gneisenaustrasse

For the base before the drinking: Restaurant Grünfisch


Grünfisch – nothing fishy about this place

One of my favourite italians has moved. From touristic Bergmannstrassenkiez to the trendy Gräfekiez. The interieur: classic; the service: very friendly and experienced; the clientele: a good mix of Kreuzbergers. The owner duo are an italian – who does the cooking – and a vietnamese – responsible for the service and wellbeing of everyone. A perfect combination which influences their food: Modern italian cuisine with sicilian roots and asian hints. To start off try the ‚Sicilian Antipasti’ plate whose ingredients are not the usual ones one finds there. Arranged like a painting comes deliciously coated goatcheese, wafer-thin marinated squid, rice balls filled with mushrooms, bresaola dotted with eggplant cream, scampis… and more. Further on the menue you will find exquisite fish dishes, mouth-watering home made pasta, perfectly done meat and lucious sweets. Or try one of their menues, which are very good value for price.

A good companion to all these flavoursome>>   read more / weiterlesen


Engelbecken – Alpine cuisine

The Restaurant Engelbecken has had a good reputation for years. It moved from Kreuzberg to Charlottenburg over a decade ago and has been able to convince the critical and with compliments unassertive clientel of the upscale area of Lietzensee to sing a quiet song of praise. Quiet, because they do not want to cause to much of a stir. To loud applause could make it even more difficult to get a seat at their favourite eaterie. In the afternoon the place fills up with people enjoying a good piece of cake, sitting outside on the terrace or underneath the modern pictures painted by the chefcook herself. The bright wooden tables have little decoration as the guests eye needs no divertion once the drinks and food are on the table. The staff is highly professional, all waiters being above 30, which makes a wonderful change to those young morons that you find so often here in Berlin. The food is alpine style, a mixture of austrian, bavarian, italian… with the best ingredients on>>   read more / weiterlesen


Landauer – German cuisine in typical ambiance

Far away from the tourist streems lies the ‘Landauer’ a haven for those who like to try the authentic german cuisine of fish, meat and poultry. For example Sylter Matjesfilets (a herring filleted and prepared with salt, vinegar and herbs), Schwäbische Maultaschen (swabian type of ravioli), Käsespätzle (cheeses dumplings), Schnitzel, Schweinemedaillons (pork medaillons) and in winter time Gänsebraten (goose), Entenbrust (duck), Rehkeule (deer)…

Eight beers on tab, a large variety of wines…you might be needing a ‘Schnaps’ to settle your stomach.

Landauer gasthaus-landauer.de
Landauer Str. 8 / Wilmersdorf
U4 Rüdesheimer Platz


Sasaya – Sushi galore

It became famous for it’s great variety of Sushi and has now amplified it’s menue to grilled fish specialities. You can sit in typical japanese manner on the floor, or at low tables. Depending on the amount of warm sake you might drink, the latter might be more advisable. By the way, if you come early don’t expect to be able to sit all night over you’re last bit of sushi. Early come early go, as tables are booked several times a night.

Sasaya sasaya-berlin.de
Lychener Str. 50 / Prenzlauer Berg
U2 Eberswalder Str. / Tram M1 + M10

For afterwards: Beckett’s Head


Beckett’s Head – You might loose yours

Countless bars offer cocktails, but when it comes down to them being really well done and served in a proper glass and by someone who does know about spirits, ‘Beckett’s Head’ is the place to be. About 20 people max fit into this tiny, dark bar in Berlin’s night district Prenzlauer Berg. The cocktail menu comes with extracts of Samuel Beckett’s books and if you really have no idea what to order just tell the barkeeper your favourite ingredients, sit back and enjoy.

By the way: cash only.

Beckett’s Head www.becketts-kopf.de
Pappelallee 64 / Prenzlauer Berg
U2 Eberswalder Str. / Tram No. 12

For a bite to eat before the cocktail session: Sasaya


Dante – Cuccina siciliana

There are many good italian restaurants in Berlin, but Sandro’s and his crew have managed to turn this one into my second home and they have never failed me. The standard is always high, staff always friendly and welcoming and the prices always very reasonable. If you’re here in winter grab a table right at the entrance in front of the bar. Much more fun, especially if you speak three words of italian. In summer you can sit outside on the shady terrace or in front of the entrance, watching the boats float by on the river Spree. The chef in the kitchen is Diego and he does excellent pizzas, makes his own delicious pasta and his grilled fish platter is huge. Their chefs recommendations changes on a regular basis but should you find these on the menue, don’t give them a miss: Ravioli with mushrooms in salvia butter, pasta con salsiccia and brown beans, double thick lamb chops in balsamico sauce, grilled baby quid… This, plus a glass of Nero d’Avola>>   read more / weiterlesen


Rogacki – Forget KaDeWe

This delicatessen shop looks like a 60s fish and chip shop from far away, but once inside your baffled by the amount of specialities of fish, game, poultry, cheeses, cold cuts… In the back of the shop, in front of the huge lobster, carp and trout basins, the Charlottenburgers meet for their lunch time eating baked fish with potatoe salad, scampis, oysters or grilled meats.  For x-mas the queue to pick up the previously ordered goose, duck or turkey runs through the whole shop, whilst on new year’s eve the fish counter is being invaded. Talking about new years eve: At 14hrs the sale stops, Frank Sinatras ‘New York, New York’ get’s played and some shop assistants dance with the clients, whilst everyone cheers finishing their bottles of champagne. In 2010 they sold 500 lobsters, 2500 Pfannkuchen (a sweet bun filled with marmelade) but keep quiet about the amount of champagne bottles, that were drunk on the premises that morning. Must have been hundreds,>>   read more / weiterlesen