Baba Angora – Turkish for the advanced

My swiss visitor would like to eat out, something meditarranean, nothing asian.

It is Sunday, early afternoon,  many tables are (again?) empty. The interior is genuine and appealing, stone reliefs from ancient temples adorn the walls. The two young waiters wear neat white aprons and do not just seem professional. We look interestingly onto the tables of our neighbours and are very stimulated to try as much as possible.

First we are being served freshly baked ‚blown-up’ bread with sesame seeds on a wooden board, butter with herbs and a crumbly country cheese. Our warm and cold appetizers come on small porcellain plates, arranged and served on a tray. It all looks pretty yummy. We rip of big chunks of the warm bread and dip it into subtle seasoned  joghurt, spinach puree with garlic joghurt and small hazelnut pieces, hot pepper puree with tomatoes and finely chopped onions, humus in delicate olive oil with sesame seeds and roe salad with red onions. The big beans are cooked>>   read more / weiterlesen


Lavanderia Vecchia – Eating with laundry

The road is a very busy one in Neukölln, not a cosy place. Home to small businesses, and it looks rather like work in progress, when we walk into the restaurant located in the second backyard. Outside, inside everywhere are clothes on the line. Checkered kitchen towels and white tablecloths, old fashionly embroidered – just as if somebody had just hung them up to dry in an old Lavanderia Vecchia, a laundry. As decor it goes astonishingly well with the restaurants unrendered brick walls and wooden tables (without cloths), who would otherwise look too much of being a workshop. Unconventional as the rooms is the concept of the kitchen: Before sitting down one has to pay for food and drink and that brings on the question: Lunch menue with three courses, or only pasta? We are a bit lost and order just a main course and a drink, only to realise that we would have liked to have a salad as a starter, just as the one looking so appetizingly on the table next to us. So we are back>>   read more / weiterlesen


Tim Raue – stargazing

His credentials sound promising, his website inviting, the address suspicious… What on earth does a star crowned restaurant do here? Anyway, we will go. The interior is unostentatious, though chic. On the wall a fotograph of garbage bags. Irritating to many, but I like it. It is unexpected and that’s what we were hoping for. The chef himself is young, roundish (but loosing weight he says) and due to his tantalizing depiction of what we are about to eat, our mouths begin to water. I shan’t explain what we had, no use, his menue changes too frequently, but I tell you this much: It was worth every penny spend! If you are prepared to fork out some cash on exquisite asian fusion cuisine with unsuspected combinations, beautifully arranged, perfectly seasoned and great service – don’t forget to make a reservation!

Tim Raue
Rudi-Dutschke-Str. 26 / Kreuzberg
U-Bhf Kochstrasse