Herz & Niere – A promising start

The question „What are we having?“ is being answered by the freshly weds with a shrug of shoulders. „No idea, but it will be good.“ Some think that’s a pretty brave beginning of a wedlock to offer a surprise wedding menue to 20 invitees, but knowing Christoph Hauser, the cook, and Michael Koehler, the sommelier, you don’t need courage, just faith.  I know Christoph from his former place of work where he, amongst other delicious things, baked a wonderful sourdough bread and made me addicted with his fish chowder so viscid it almost held a spoon upright. In his brand new place (opened only recently) the concept is to bring every eadable piece of the animal onto the table, not only the tenderloins. And so we sit at two large tables and eat half of what is on the menue. Fluffy black pudding, without skin, seasoned with apple vinegar and carrot, sausage of veal paté, fluffy too, ham, trout on green bean salad, potatoe and cucumber salad, home made bread with lightly>>   read more / weiterlesen


Renger-Patzsch – True austrian charme

A large room, dark wood, black & white pictures of fields of hops, rows of grapes… The waiters smiling, friendly with their dark aprons looking very professional and fitting perfectly into the ambiance. It is a couple of days before x-mas and the Renger-Patzsch is bursting at the seams, but as the ceiling is very high one doesn’t have the feeling they are in need of space. The clientel consists of men in dark suits, this evidently being a place for bank clerks having their office x-mas dos. We are also a large group and are being perfectly taken care off, even though every one is extremely busy. The waiting time between the courses is very long, but the restaurant filled up in a short period of time, and as our glasses are regulary refilled with a dry, barrique matured Montalcino from Tuscany or a flowery, fresh white burgundy from Baden we manage the waiting time very well. The food itself is a balanced mixture of different aromas, appetizingly arranged in reasonable>>   read more / weiterlesen


Engelbecken – Alpine cuisine

The Restaurant Engelbecken has had a good reputation for years. It moved from Kreuzberg to Charlottenburg over a decade ago and has been able to convince the critical and with compliments unassertive clientel of the upscale area of Lietzensee to sing a quiet song of praise. Quiet, because they do not want to cause to much of a stir. To loud applause could make it even more difficult to get a seat at their favourite eaterie. In the afternoon the place fills up with people enjoying a good piece of cake, sitting outside on the terrace or underneath the modern pictures painted by the chefcook herself. The bright wooden tables have little decoration as the guests eye needs no divertion once the drinks and food are on the table. The staff is highly professional, all waiters being above 30, which makes a wonderful change to those young morons that you find so often here in Berlin. The food is alpine style, a mixture of austrian, bavarian, italian… with the best ingredients on>>   read more / weiterlesen


Landauer – German cuisine in typical ambiance

Far away from the tourist streems lies the ‘Landauer’ a haven for those who like to try the authentic german cuisine of fish, meat and poultry. For example Sylter Matjesfilets (a herring filleted and prepared with salt, vinegar and herbs), Schwäbische Maultaschen (swabian type of ravioli), Käsespätzle (cheeses dumplings), Schnitzel, Schweinemedaillons (pork medaillons) and in winter time Gänsebraten (goose), Entenbrust (duck), Rehkeule (deer)…

Eight beers on tab, a large variety of wines…you might be needing a ‘Schnaps’ to settle your stomach.

Landauer gasthaus-landauer.de
Landauer Str. 8 / Wilmersdorf
U4 Rüdesheimer Platz