Tavernaki – what a pity

The area is not very frequented. Here one hopes the residents will come and that the odd tourist ,who doesn’t find his way to Charlottenburg castle, stops for a meal.

Whoever opens a restaurant here has to have something to offer so people come back on a regular basis. I was full of hope when after a few weeks of emptiness a new gastronomer promised to fill the gap. At long last: A greek! The inner decoration is clearly arranged, not overloaded, a few rustique wooden tables and the tipical greek chairs with braided seats whose legs stick uncomfortably into you after a while. On a shelf along the wall a few delicacies that can also be bought in the near future. So far so good, seems o.k. With the menue comes an ‚ouzo’ as  welcome drink. On the blackboard outside grilled seabass and gilthead, as well as veal liver are being advertised. On the menue one finds another aproximately 100 dishes. Oh dear… if it were all affectionately made starters, wonderfull, but what>>   read more / weiterlesen


Taverna Ousies – Καλωσόρισμα

Have you been to Greece? Then you will know what this is all about. Do you want to go to Greece? No? Don’t let the political difficulties hinder you, go! It’s a great place with warmhearted people and great food. In the 60s and 70s a new way of socialising became popular here. Friends getting together for an ouzo or a glass of wine accompanied these by something small to eat, a meze. Today meze are famous all over Greece. Severall small dishes will end up being a whole meal and here at Ousies you can choose from a staggering 119 different ones: Vegetarian, fish, meat, cooked, fried, grilled, steamed, raw… To go with the food they offer a small range of good greek wines. I love the choriatiki (greek salad), saganaki (fried cheese), spanakokeftedes (spinachomelett), kolokithokeftedes (zucchiniballs)… and much more.

The atmosphere of the Ousies is authentic, that of a greek tavern including the noise level.

You should reserve a table and I recommend a window>>   read more / weiterlesen