Mariona – the catalans are the best

Excellent!! That doesn’t say much but it says it all.

The place is small, inconspicuous and always packed. The menue is straightforward and changes every day. Josep, owner and cook, brings only those ingredients on the table he finds worthy enough when he does his daily shopping at the market.  A dozen or so appetizers, a few main courses and two, three desserts are being created each day. The cooks can run riot with their creativity and it doesn’t take more dishes to convince the customer of the greatness of catalan cuisine. The drinks menu is manageable, but the few wines chosen well. The waiters are knowleadgeable (hooray!),  attentive and brisk. We are here once again in a larger group and to save us from the difficulty of choosing what to eat, we order all of todays 14 starters for all of us to try.

To start of with we have a cava, olives and some homemade bread with seasalt and then, one after the other we receive: Rabbit-clam-stew, tuna-carpaccio on salad, ox cheeks>>   read more / weiterlesen


Mar y Sol – far away from sea and sunshine

Well, the location is nice being on Savigny Platz with a large, green terrace. I have been here years ago and had a mediocre fish soup. Another visit stayed in my mind as being a waste of time, but now I am invited and as the place is always packed when I drive past it, I am interested to find out what it will be like third time round . The bottle of wine is cold and comes in a cooler.The glasses are of good quality. That’s about it. The rest is rather frightening. The girl, that is serving us sitting outside on a sticky table, has never been to Spain and hasn’t got much of an idea about the menue. Well, we order the usual tapas each spanish housewife can do blindfolded, out of lack of unusual ones. Braised chicken with garlic (too braised, the meat has fallen of the bone and has to be labouriously picked out), fresh goat cheese with figs in honey oil (there could have been a fig somewhere in the kitchen, but it never met up with the cheese), fresh dates in bacon (dates>>   read more / weiterlesen


El Borriquito – a must not

No, no, no… This place used to be my hangout. You could eat and drink until 5 in the morning, there was always someone playing music at some point, but… it is not my place anymore. If it wasn’t for the spanish/south american waiters, the tacky decor of bullfight posters, donkeys (hence the name of the place), dried peppers and spanish flags and football team emblems, you would think you are at a tourist hang out in a hostal. Not just the clientel has changed, but the food has become inacceptable. Take a look into the kitchen. I don’t see no spanish in there! No señora or señor whose marvellous Paella recipe is known all over town, who know just how thin the layer of flour has to be on the sardines when being deep fried, who would not let a cheese become sweaty and tasteless from standing around in the warm kitchen for too long, who can cut a good jamon serrano so thin that this alone distinguishes it from any chunk of ham. I could carry on an on. There>>   read more / weiterlesen


Bar Raval – Barcelona goes Berlin

Finding a good tapas bar is difficult in Berlin, but at the Raval you won’t get disappointed. The menue ranges from all time favourites like patatas bravas, pimientos de padron, tortilla española to own creations like tataki from iberico pork, avocado-tomato-mushroom salad and many more that vary depending on the season.

For the big Paella feast the time does not vary: Every first Monday of the month. Along with good eating goes good drinking. Wines and cavas from all regions are on the menue. This trendy, chic Bar has got the matching clientel so dress up for the occasion.

Bar Raval
Lübbener Str. 1 / Kreuzberg
U1 Görlitzer Bahnhof